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Feet Massage Slippers

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This is therapy massage slippers for 15 mins wearing per time NOT all day wear casual slippers. It hurts for the first few times using, adds socks and shortens the wearing time will help you feel better.

Improves your blood circulation and metabolism.

✅ It relieves Aches & Pain

✅ It Reduces  migraines and Headache

✅ Speed up Healing of Wound

✅  It fight Depressions

✅ It promotes good Sleep and relaxation

✅  It helps Relieve Stress, Anxiety, and Insomnia

✅ It improve Metabolism and Energy

✅ It makes the Feet Healthier

✅ It reduces Restless Leg Syndrome

✅ One easy way to keep your Feet healthier and free from all kinds of foot problems is regular foot massage

Relax your tired feet and make you sleep better. Helps with plantar fasciitis, arthritis, neuropathy pain.

Massage magnetic moxibustion active material both general prevention shoes general four seasons, when the spring raised particles is made, it causes this product to have efficacies of deodorization and antiseptic.

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